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Golden Gate and Green Gate

As far as architecture is concerned, in the 16th and 17th century Gdańsk easily competed with royal Cracow, as the entire urban complex is a top-class historical site.

The Green Gate, which was built in 1564-1568 in place of the demolished Kogi Gate, derived its name from a bridge over the Motława River. The surrounding houses with roof ornaments and carved window and door frames create a unique atmosphere perfect for evening strolls around the city. Other monumental structures of Gdańsk which deserve special attention are the urban fortifications. One of them is the beautiful Golden Gate, which was designed in the years 1612 – 1614 by Abraham van den Blocke. It was built in the Renaissance style and was supposed to resemble ancient triumphal arches. Between the Golden Gate and the Upland Gate, there is the Prison Tower and the Torture Chamber, which are also worth seeing. The Upland Gate, which closes the fortifications from the side of Wały Jagiellońskie Street, for several centuries constituted the main entrance to Gdańsk.

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