Apartment Soleil I

Soleil I is one of the most beautiful apartments available for rent in Gdansk. Its excellent location in the Old Town district makes it the ideal place to spend a vacation getaway in Gdansk. The Soleil I luxury apartment is available for rent throughout the entire year and offers accommodation in the Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot area for 2-4 persons.



Apartment Soleil II

Soleil IIis located in the Old Town district in Gdansk and offers accommodation in a luxuriously decorated apartment with a view onto St. Mary’s Basilica. Guests have to their disposal a bedroom, bathroom and dining room with a kitchen annex, making it one of the best private apartments for rent in Gdansk.



Apartment Soleil III

Soleil III is an apartment for rent located at Świętego Ducha Street in Gdansk. The undeniable advantages of this apartment include its excellent location, tasteful interior décor and the view onto the Old Town district. Attractions located in its immediate vicinity include Piwna Street, the promenade along the Motława river and the famous Gdansk Crane. Soleil III is the best alternative accommodation in the Tri-City and its surrounding areas.